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For a variety of reasons, writing a coworker's leaving card might be challenging. But ultimately, if you adhere to a few fundamental principles, it doesn't have to be difficult.. This implies that, regardless of the occasion, we at sendwishonline.com are rather knowledgeable about what to write in a leaving cards. As a result, we've created this article, which has something for everyone, to assist you in deciding what to write on a leaving card.

Our samples below can help you create the ideal colleague leaving message, whether you're saying goodbye because they've found a new job, are retiring, are going on a long trip, or are leaving to have a baby. With that in mind, let's get started with some examples of straightforward, short yet kind things to write in a leaving card. 

  • Best wishes to you!
  • It was pleasant dealing with you; all the best going forward. 
  • Thanks a lot and best of luck with your future endeavors," 
  • Best wishes and congratulations on your new position. 
  • Remain in contact!
  • I hope we cross paths again.
  • Good luck with everything, but you will be missed!

    A "sad that you're leaving" message could be more appropriate if you are close to the leaving colleague; in that case, let's look at some more considerate leaving messages.

  • I've gained a lot from working with you; best of luck in the future! 
  • The place won't be the same without you, I'm sorry to see you go, I can't believe you've been here for so many years. Best wishes. 
  • I'm wishing you the best of luck as you go on in life. 
  • You've had a significant influence on everyone at (business name) and I wish you the best of luck with your next endeavors." 
  • Working with you has been an incredible pleasure, and I wish you nothing but the best in life.
  • Although I'm sorry to see you leave, let's remember the good moments we had together. 
  • The workplace will miss you dearly; you're one in a million and really unique. Good luck with your future endeavors!

    If your coworker has a fantastic sense of humor, these funny leaving messages listed below might be a terrific place to start. These funny goodbye sayings will brighten the surroundings and make the recipient's day more enjoyable! Add these in your leaving cards to make the most out of them!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
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  • Congrats. You finally got away. 
  • God alone knows how you avoided being fired. Congratulations on leaping before being pushed! 
  • I find it incomprehensible that you would abandon me with these people. 
  • Without you, it just won't be the same. It will improve greatly. 
  • I'm definitely going to miss not looking at you throughout lunch.
  • Are you going out? I was unaware that you had begun to be sincere. 
  • Regardless of what the others think, I loved working with you. 
  • The job you accomplished for us will be missed by all of us.
  • You (insert name) are someone I'll never forget. 
  • "Please take me along!
  • I send you my warmest wishes for your next endeavors. But really, may I sit on your chair?

    In the course of your employment together, it's not unusual for coworkers to become friends. It might be challenging to think of a suitable leaving message on the spot. We've compiled a list of our favorite kind messages to leave for coworkers. These are personalized yet professional messages that you can add to your leaving card!

  • Greetings on your new position! 
  • Good luck with your new endeavor. 
  • I'm sorry to hear that you're going. 
  • Although we're sorry to see you depart, we wish you well! 
  • I hope your new coworkers are aware of their good fortune. 
  • Although we will miss you, we wish you the best of luck in your new position. 
  • Over the years, working with you has been a privilege. 
  • You are a coworker who became a buddy. I'm sure I'll miss you.
  • Good luck with your new position! You'll blow their minds! 
  • I'm happy for you in your new position. Let's move forward!

    Here are some ideas of brief, lovely leaving messages you might write to your coworker, depending on how close you two are.
  • Travel expenses are never a waste of money!
  • Good luck; take it easy. 
  • Enjoy bugging the locals! 
  • I hope you bring lots of stories to tell when you get back!
  • Leave your problems at home and take full use of your vacation. Happy travels! 
  • I can't wait for you to have a fantastic trip! I hope it fulfills all of your expectations.

    As you can see, creating a leaving note doesn't have to be uncomfortable or challenging. All you have to do is consider the person you're dropping the leaving card for, how close you are, how long they've been employed there, and their personality. Hope this article helped!

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